St Anns 50/10 is a community led inquiry exploring health and wellbeing in the St Anns area of Nottingham. The initial phase of the project will be starting in October 2018.

In 1969, filmaker Stephen Frears produced a documentary film, Report: St Anns, based on research by Ken Coates, Richard Silburn and the St Anns Study Group about poverty in St Anns, an inner city ward in Nottingham.

Fifty years on there have been comprehensive slum clearance and redevelopment, major central and local government, public health and other investment programmes, including ten years of City Challenge, and major changes in population demographics. Despite this, St Anns remains the second most deprived area in Nottingham, with a ten year gap between healthy life expectency in St Anns compared to the wealthiest ward in Nottingham.

The project proposes to use the proven power of storytelling to engage, educate and motivate to action through:

  • A learning history - a narrative based research process, which engages all participants - residents, researchers, system leaders - as experts and co-learners in a series of multi-layered conversations about health and wellbeing.
  • Training young people as storytellers, to produce a documentary film short and photo essay, whose stories will elicit a nuanced understanding of what supports or impedes health and wellbeing in St Anns.
  • Sharing learning from the project to inform, influence and shape future community led and wider system initiatives around health and wellbeing in St Anns.

This is the 1969 Stephen Frears film, Report: St Anns that we will be screening to start conversations about health and wellbeing in St Anns.