The greates danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence. It is to act with yesterday's logic.

(Peter Drucker)

Stimulating different thinking and ideas through provocations and conversations - real and virtual. Disturbing the system.

Using diverse perspectives and examples of different ways of thinking and doing from around the world to stimulate fresh ways to look at the local.

Recognising that creativity needs diversity - creating new conversations by moving beyond the 'usual suspects'.


A regularly changing short video or podcast that will hopefully inspire or challenge.

We are continuing on the theme of 'kindness' addressed in last month's video from Julia Unwin - this seems to be timely and essential as we face up to the coronavirus crisis.

In this RSA short, John Lloyd looks at what we do and don't know and how we use this knowledge - and the central importance of kindness.

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We are running a series of short provocations - provoke15 - where possible on the 15th of each month. Each session will be in a different location around Nottingham, in the early evening for an hour and a half. There will be a very brief - maximum 15 minutes - provocation - followed by open conversations. An opportunity to question, challenge, be challenged, network and explore.

Our next Provoke15

Following the development of Coronavirus and the advice for social distancing, we have decided to pause provoke15 gatherings for a while.

The planned provoke15 for Wednesday March 18th 2020, with Matt Henn, Professor of Social Research at Nottingham Trent University - Are the older generation failing younger people - and what can we do about it? - will now be posted online as a short video.

We are thinking about ways to keep the provoke15 community connected online during this time - any thoughts welcome!

Contact us if you have any ideas to share or want to know more.

Short write ups and recordings of past Provoke15 sessions are available here

For a brief description of what provoke15 is, and how to run your own, see here

food for thought

food for thought is a changing collection of articles, blogs, publications and assorted links gathered from around the world as an invitation to stimulate thinking.

A new report from the Young Foundation about the vital importance of lived experience insight to inform social investment.

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