a library of provocations

A growing library of short videos from the provocation page of our website.

These videos have been chosen from the thousands of videos that are available online, and each has something important to say about how we might think and act differently to make a positive change in our neighbourhoods and communities

In this TED Talk, Dr Carlos Moreno explains the concept of the 15 Minute City. How we might reimagine and remake our cities to be clean, healthy and sustainable, and support active community life on a human scale.

To accompany our February 2021 provoke15 with Dr Julia White, this is a short film about health inequalities in Glasgow, and a local initiative to address the social determinants of health

In this Ted Talk, actor Ethan Hawke argues for the importance of giving yourself permission to be creative.

The Doughnut is a concept developed by Kate Raworth that challenges us to think about how we might meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet.

In this video, Kate introduces the Thriving Cities Initiative guide, and starts the conversation about how we might answer the question

'How can our city be a home to thriving people, in a thriving place, while respecting the wellbeing of all people, and the health of the whole planet?'

We are continuing on the theme of 'kindness' addressed in last month's video from Julia Unwin - this seems to be timely and essential as we face up to the coronavirus crisis.

In this RSA short, John Lloyd looks at what we do and don't know and how we use this knowledge - and the central importance of kindness.

Julia Unwin challenges us with the radical idea of putting kindness at the heart of public policy.

A Carnegie UK report written by Julia Unwin - Kindness, emotions and human relationships: the blind spot in public policy - explores these ideas in more detail and can be found in our food for thought pages.

What can a Council do when faced with austerity? Donna Hall, former Chief Exec of Wigan Borough Council talks to Chris Ham of the Kings Fund about the radical transformation of services being developed through the Wigan Deal. If this whets your appetite, a link to a research report on the Wigan Deal by the Kings Fund can be found in our food for thought pages.

How do we commission when faced with complexity and complex systems? Toby Lowe - Senior Lecturer in Public Management & Leadership at Newcastle Business School - suggests that we need a radically new approach based on relationships, trust and learning.

Exploring the New World, a publication from collaborate, jointly authored by Toby Lowe around which much of this presentation is based can be found in our food for thought pages.

This short video comes from the Centre for Homelessness Impact. It suggests that we need to find new ways to talk about homelessness to achieve the systemic change needed to have a real impact - 'change the narrative, change the system'.

In this RSA Short David Graeber suggests a radical rethink of our understanding of the value of work.

Together We Can Change the Rules, from the New Economics Foundation suggests different ways to look at the economy that focus on sustainability and wellbeing.

At the time of growing public demonstrations around climate inaction by school students and extinction rebellion - this provocation is a TEDx talk in Stockholm by Greta Thunberg - change the rules to save the world. We need to be listening to our young people - through their action we might yet have cause for hope.

A moving and challenging documentary from The Guardian about poverty and shame

Inclusion Starts With I. Something to get you thinking following our February provoke15

A short video by The Elders from #WalkTogether in South Africa in 2018 - calling for global equality and justice.

A podcast from The New Economics Foundation with Gary Younge from the Guardian discussing knife crime, policing, racism and the media.

Are social services broken? Listen to Hilary Cottam, author of Radical Help, talking about how we might redesign the welfare state for the 21st century

Understanding the economy as a living system - part of an important reframing of an economics to meet social need and environmental sustainability from Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics

An RSA animate by Jeremy Rifkin imagining the possibilities of a world built on our true human nature - empathy.

Look Beyond Borders is a brilliant and moving short film from Amnesty International - the power of the most simple human connection.

A short video looking at servant leadership - linked to our June 2018 provoke15 with Nottingham Future Leaders

An RSA short on Curiosity: Exploration and discovery - more on the theme of our Provoke15 on the A-Z of curiosity

Listening is one of the most important leadership skills. This short Presencing Institute video explains the 4 different levels of listening within Theory U

A short video about Bank Job - a wonderfully creative project in Walthamstow to challenge our understanding of debt and campaign with the local community for change.

Devita Davison's 2017 TED talk about how urban agriculture is transforming Detroit. An inspiring story to accompany our June 2018 provoke15 about sustainable food and food poverty

A short video from PBS News Hour about Venice Arts' students involvement in the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa in 2001

An RSA Short by Rutger Bregnan, the author of the recently published Utopia for Realists

From the Guardian's Made in Stoke series - the story of a bold attempt to turn around an estate ravaged by years of cuts.

An animation introducing the key concepts in Steven Johnson's fascinating and important book - Where Good Ideas Come From

Restorative justice in Oakland California. A short video produced by Stories Matter Media

Brene Brown's TED talk from 2011 about human connection and vulnerability

Otto Scharmer's TEDx talk from 2016 introducing ideas from Theory U around creating change

Ken Robinson's classic TED talk from 2007 about creating an education system that nurtures creativity

Imagine what a world without prisons would look like - Deanna Van Buren's 2017 TED talk

A short video about the positive deviance approach to support communities to find their own solutions to challenging problems

The Cynefin Framework by Cognitive Edge - see things from new viewpoints, assimilate complex concepts and address real world problems and opportunities