food for thought

A changing collection of interesting projects, blogs, publications, discussions, approaches and links as an invitation to stimulate thinking

This 2020 report from the Institute for Health Equity is the 10 years on update to the original Marmot Review looking at health inequalities in the UK and the social determinants of health.

Our food for thought for early 2021 is a 2019 paper by Liz Weaver, the CEO of the Tamarack Institute.

This looks at the challenges of community change, and some of the skills and mindsets needed to enable deeper and more robust system change.

Here are three recent reports from 2020 - from the Young Foundation, the Relationships Project, and from Community Catalysts and the Local Area Coordination Network - each of which has something important to say about communities, civil society, and our responses to Coronavirus and lockdown.

Published as a further contribution to NLGN's radical manifesto for the future of public services - The Community Paradigm - this July 2019 report explores new approaches to commissioning that put communities at the heart of the process.
A recent report from the Carnegie Trust written by Julia Unwin looks at the importance of placing human relationships and kindness at the heart of public policy
This new publication from the Institute for Global Prosperity, with support from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, makes the case for a radical expansion of the social wage through the extension of existing, and introduction of new, Universal Basic Services.
This new publication from collaborate and other partners looks at creating social change by embracing complexity and focussing on people, learning and systems
Creative thinking about the economy from the Transnational Institute - a collection of essays with examples of innovative approaches from around the world - some real food for thought about fresh approaches to creating a more just and sustainable economy.
This 2018 report from the Local Trust and the New Local Government Network sets out five principles for a successful relationship between councils and communities
This February 2019 publication from the New Local Government Network argues that it is time to move our thinking about public services beyond the market and the state to a new 'community paradigm'
A fascinating exploration of how we can use collective storytelling across sectors to navigate turbulent times and foster systems change. Our own St Anns 50/10 project here in Nottingham is using storytelling in similar ways.
This 2018 paper from the abcd Institute explores what is distinctive about an Asset-Based community development process
a new report from the Sheila Mckechnie Foundation exploring how we can work through civil society to create change
This report brings together findings from research commissioned by Local Trust and supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which asks - what needs to happen for communities to feel and be powerful in the 2020s?
Doing the right thing is a new report from the National Association for Neighbourhood Management exploring the emerging shift from neighbourhood management to strategic locality working.
A new report (Aug 2018) from the US based Democracy Collaborative exploring housing and urban strategies for combatting displacement, expanding ownership and building community wealth.

Three Horizons

exploring futures and change through the International Future Forum's 3 horizons model
the collaborate foundation sets out a framework for effective collaboration in public services
a report summarising the theory and evidence for working with people and communities on their health using an asset based approach
a really useful summary of the state of play in community organisations and organising across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
a really interesting blog by Converge for Impact about making complex collaborations work
a simple exploration of what motivates people to get involved in community action and what gets in the way
making the case that public services should be local by default and should help people to help themselves
a guide to interesting and innovative community projects from around the world
findings on the Commission on the future of localism
a report by Co-operative Councils on the benefits of community led housing
an introduction to Collaboration for Impact's process for helping people tackle big, tough problems and create large-scale impact through collaboration
Understanding corporate cultures - from the Harvard Business Review
the 2017 manifesto for creating human cities - from the Human Cities Institute