Change Shapers - a social change incubator empowering young migrants and local community members to shape positive social change - was run at the St Anns Allotments Centre in Nottingham over the weekend of October 27th - 28th 2018

It was a wonderfully diverse and energetic group of 15 young people who came together for the weekend to explore and learn about social action and social change.

There were 9 different native language groups represented on the programme

Change Shapers were the provocateurs for our provoke15 in September 2018, and following this we hosted the programme here in Nottingham.

Two prototypes of Change Shapers have already been run - one in Thessaloniki in Greece, and one in Siem Reap in Cambodia.

Participants are being given the opportunity to further develop their ideas and social action with a range of mentors from Nottingham and beyond, and to connect with each other and participants from the Change Shapers programme around the world on a specially designed online learning platform. They are also being invited to join the provoke15 learning community here in Nottingham.

We are really excited to see where they take their ideas.